Thursday, June 3, 2010

Piggies [June 2nd

I suppose Ohio is known for pork in various forms (though no one could make better pulled pork than our contractor, Pat Hye - his formula involving citrus peel and molasses and all kinds of spices) - and that maybe explains the celebration of piggies that I encountered in a gas station...

... though in fact, I associate Ohio with appalling weather. There was the snowstorm in December 2004, in which I slid off I-70, very gently, onto the central reservation and was rescued by a snowplough, and then today's extraordinary storm as we drove into Columbus - with tornado warnings bleeping through the radio, and then a real siren going off outside; driving in thick pouring rain, with lightning shooting sideways through the clouds above and then slamming into the ground in thick violent blinding bolts. Of course, if I hadn't been driving and trying to follow the tracks of the truck in front, there would have been some wonderful photos for the taking (flash, flash) - but all I could do was think how feeble all those analogies between flash photography and lightning truly are, when faced with the electrical energy and sheer terror of being in the middle of a big storm.

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