Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the camera as recording device

I invariably carry a camera on our walks, if only in the hope or expectation of yet another beautiful sunset (no disappointment tonight - see below - the air heavy with smoke, still, from a fire somewhere back behind Espanola). But it also comes in useful in case we see plants... our more or less neighbors (at least, some of their land joins some of ours) have these growing in abundance, and they look magnificent, and obviously flourish here. But we don't know what they are, so this image will come back with us to Santa Fe Greenhouses. We spent much time and money there today, and indeed, every summer, I don't really feel that we've fully arrived until we come back laden with herbs and geraniums, a hollyhock and hanging petunias, and various other little containers. And although these will all go into our big pots, we're starting to eye the potential of what is, now, our closed in yard.

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