Saturday, June 5, 2010


First night back in Santa Fe... and if always, if we can make it, it's dinner at Harry's, even after driving 1,938 miles. It was very very hot when we rolled up at the house - around 96, with lots of big slow moths flapping around with the kitties to play with, and bluebirds flying busily to and from the birdhouse in the yard (emphatically No Kitty Outside). Harry's was extremely quiet - so there was no difficulty getting a table out in the back yard, and starting the business of reclaiming our lives after the academic year. A margarita helped.


  1. You're there! Congrats on arriving. And happy happy summer.

  2. It feels so very very good to be here...and it is so QUIET. That being said, the temperature may reach 100 today, and we have no a/c, only fans - and I can see myself migrating to St John's College library with my final grad papers...