Thursday, June 3, 2010


St Louis - and we even have the Arch out of our bathroom window. Note to People Traveling With Cats - the Omni, here, is a rarity among hotels. They love cats. The doorman insisted on being introduced to all four. Julie, the receptionist, came up to our room so that she could meet them all (this was about twenty minutes after we'd arrived - just time for Emmett to break a wineglass and us to hide the damages). But the downtown architecture is pretty good, too - classical style buildings, and new imitators, and other solid skyscrapers. The edifice on the right is the civil courts building, constructed after a bond issue in 1923. I just wish that we weren't very much on the road - I'd love to stay here another couple of days and explore. Indeed, I've just found that the Art Gallery has an exhibit of Yinka Shonibare figures, scattered throughout the museum - and it's most frustrating to drive on by. But it's Oklahoma City tomorrow...

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