Saturday, June 19, 2010

On not photographing Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

... a picture that would seem to have very little to do with either of them. But not being a member of the paparazzi, or a crass tourist with nowhere better to point their cell phone, I was hardly going to do anything about the fact that the newly-weds were at the next table to us in The Shed this evening. Which, even for Santa Fe (where we tend to hit far luckier on these star sightings than LA) was pretty good.

This new statue is outside the Cathedral, and is beautifully decked in roses, though uneasily the first set of "victims" who are being interceded for in its inscribed, accompanying prayer are the "victims of abortion," and one suspects that this doesn't, in the first instance, encompass the emotional scarring of those who conceived. I hadn't seen the statue before - or rather, hadn't taken it in, because I know I must have walked past it - but the roses gleaming in the night made it stand out - with, in the background, "I Will Survive" coming over the stereo system from a party at La Fonda. Living out in Eldorado, it's all too easy to forget how beautiful the center of Santa Fe - stars or no stars - is at night.

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