Friday, June 11, 2010

the helping paw

I was struck with inspiration this afternoon - this, surely, is the name that should be chosen by someone we know who's starting a pet sitting service (and we shall be his first clients! or at least, the first to sign up). And I was thinking how one might use this image of Lucy's delicate, slumbering (moth stained) paws on a flier, or business card...

...though I was disappointed that this image is strong in beiges and fawns and occasional hints of silver, and doesn't really work in black and white. I'm starting to hunt down old, or oldish images that work in b&w in order to make digital negatives from them, for in just over a week I'll be (excitement!) taking a course in alternative photographic processes (I really, really want to learn how to do gum bichromate...). Today I picked up my contact printing frame, and am eyeing it hungrily.

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