Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dancing grass

I opened up the garage door today to let it air (and to brush out a whole lot of mouse droppings - the two taken together [hanta virus, etc] stand in close relation to one another). And then, a couple of hours later, it was full of little dancing lines of tough spiky grass heads. Doubtless these are related to why I've been sneezing all day: I tried to pulverize some by using an implement like a sideways slung toothed scythe this evening, and nearly started a fire by striking a large, bright red spark when I hit a stone - spectacular and scary. But these are rather sweet and playful. I think they look good in black and white, but maybe not quite contrasty enough for the work I want to do next week. Today I made a negative from the picture I took in January of a big spiky cactus in the fall - using the method of tinting it deep orange, which I've only recently learned - and produced a great cyanotype of it using my new contact printing frame...

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