Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new mexican housing

...and here's another empty nest, this time evacuated by just one chick (we pass the residence every time that we take one of our walks) - I think it's an Eastern Kingbird, which has nested in this newspaper delivery tube year after year. Note the great built up pile of the nest, delicately finished in a soft bed of fluffy animal fur (we always send off our own kitty combed fur on the breeze, hoping that it will be recycled in interior decoration in this kind of a way). And then, for the discerning home occupant, that finishing touch is provided by a little twirl of green glittery, shiny gift wrapping ribbon in the upper left hand corner. Lighting effects are provided by the shadow of the New Mexican sun logo on the outside of the box (obviously enough, emanating from the Santa Fe New Mexican's advertising).

Ah, house ownership. Alice is off to LA, to close the door on one set of renters, and maybe, most probably, rent to some new ones - but also to talk with realtors. Should we rent or sell 962 right away? What is the likelihood of us ever selling our house in NJ? How should one attempt to sequence any of this? The temptation to stick one's head under a wing and hope that everything will go away in this respect is strong (and maybe someone will tend one with worms and grubs, and teach one how to fly).

A late post - I was too doped up on pain medications last night, and it was too close to midnight, to think straight. Lesson #1 - do not lift heavy garden pots when one already has a pulled muscle in one's side. Lesson # 2 - the ER at Christus St Vincent, even if I was there 4 hours - was infinitely, infinitely, infinitely more pleasant (and much cleaner) than that which Alice endured at the RWJ a month ago...

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