Tuesday, June 22, 2010

here's looking at a kallitype

I finished the day happy, having made a kallitype that I actually liked, and that was properly exposed and developed (here hanging up to dry, above a technically stunning but rather over-polished fashion portrait that just happened to be hanging on the wall underneath. I became completely hooked during today on alt pro - the morning was printing on salt paper, like Fox Talbot, and the afternoon kallitypes ... tomorrow, platinum/palladium and Ziatypes (and I wonder whether my negatives are good enough for these...). This evening's talk from Christopher James made me realize yet further how extraordinarily lucky I am to be taking a course from someone so committed and creative, and so absolutely dedicated to both fun and finding one's individual vision. My only regret is that there isn't longer between classes (9 hours, to be precise, before I'm back on the learning curve) to think and read and choose one's negatives and think what one really, really wants to do the next day ...

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